The linear system
for maximum freedom

… modular, lubrication-free and strong

The drylin® W profile guides constitutes a cost-efficient preassembled system. The design allows extremely high flexibility in design and a simple installation by the application of individual or double rails. Hard-anodised aluminium is used as a rail material and provides the best friction and wear results for profile guides. The exclusion of lubrication also makes the system extremely insensitive to dirt and because of the cleanness it it is well-suited for applications in clean and hygenic environments too.

The drylin® W system offers all of the following features:

Hints for the sample box
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From polymer to linear axis

…the modular design of the linear system

The liner made of dry-tech® polymers

The heart of every drylin® W linear bearing – 100% lubrication-free and maintenance-free. Every movement is smooth and quiet and, thanks to dry operation, clean and resistant to dirt. Just insert it, snap it in and you’re set.

The housing

The ideal bearing holder for dry-tech® liners. Choice of material: affordable zinc die-casting, lightweight aluminium or durable stainless steel. As a single linear bearing or a linear carriage.

The options

Do you want a linear bearing with a clamp, or the option of manually adjusting the bearing clearance in a twist? Or do you want a bearing with integrated rollers for easy adjustments? drylin® W offers all these options.

The profiles

Guide rails for any design. Single rails for various distances, even around corners, torsion-resistant double rails, also for self-supporting use. Many dimensions and geometries, standard aluminium version, alternative stainless steel and carbon versions.

The linear guide

drylin® W linear guides are delivered cut to size and pre-assembled to save time. The double rails are sawn down to the exact millimetre and assembled with the desired number of lift carriages. drylin® W linear guides are ready to install without any additional assembly.

The system

Ready-to-install drylin® W linear modules are included for manual positioning and electrical adjustments with the motor. These include a sensor, display, magnetic tape and drylin® W measuring systems. Configuration is quick and easy with the online product finder.

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One system – many applications.

Many examples from the field:

e.g. in a 3D printer

Warehousing and energy chain solutions in 3D printers
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e.g. as a camera slider

Configure and order products online
The modular system of the drylin® W series ensures that the camera guides slide smoothly without any lubricant. You can assemble a double rail with carriage as you wish. You can receive the systems already processed or without any drilled holes…

e.g. in furniture

Lubricant-free and maintenance-free polymer-products in furniture making
igus® polymer products have been proving themselves for years in many industrial sectors thanks to their high mechanical strength, especially in applications in which clean, lubricant-free movements are vital…

e.g. in wood working

Safe and maintenance-free energy supply systems and polymer plain bearings for the wood industry
Chip-resistant igus® plastics solutions help you decrease installation times and the demands on your logistics, reduce throughput times and dispense with virtually all maintenance. We also offer the following energy supply solutions…