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drylin® W sample box tutorial

Tutorial 1: Round rail + hybrid bearing



_0008s_0001_WJRM 01

The roll and slide principle

Looking for even easier adjustment? Ideal conditions for the use of hybrid bearings. Set the bearing housing with integrated roller on the single rail (bearing load in the roller direction) and you are set.

Tutorial 2: Pillow block + 1 liner



_0004s_0001_Lagergehaeuse Zink rund

Liner replacement

Switching to another material? Or just installing a new liner? Replacing liners is easy and can be done within seconds. Lightly press down on the liner and rotate it to remove it from the connector housing. Lightly press down on the new liner and insert it into the connector housing until the anti-twist lock snaps in place. You’re done …the liner is now positioned securely in the connector housing through a form fit.

Tutorial 3: Allen key + bearing with clearance




The clearance adjustment

The bearing clearance can be continuously adjusted using an Allen key (hexagonal, 1.5 mm).Set the adjustable bearing housing on the single rail and use the provided spanner to adjust or expand the bearing clearance to the desired length.

Additional application options are included in this video tutorial